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Searching for a gift that carries your values? You've found it.


As a socially aware, impactful, world-conscious business, we understand that giving a gift is much more than a box ticking exercise for you. You want to give a gift that makes people feel appreciated. You want to use your business platform to promote social change, global positivity and the enhancement of real people’s lives. You want to know that the money you have invested in this gesture, is being used wisely, and for things that are worth every penny.

That’s where Storybox steps in.

Five reasons a Storybox is the perfect corporate gift

 1 Gifts that change the world

No matter the occasion or how large your order is, an investment in Storybox is an investment in community. Your support creates lasting positive change that echoes throughout every facet of the Storybox initiative. Every local business, social enterprise, family and human being that contributes to Storybox receives incredible opportunities that stem from your order.

2 Gifts that are kind to the planet

At Storybox, we are focused on creating beautiful gifts with minimal packaging that is fully recyclable. As well as this, we make sure that every product included in our range, is from a reputable, passionate and ethically sound brand. Each box is filled with products that have been crafted lovingly with sustainability at the core.

3 Gifts that create lasting smiles

We absolutely love supporting businesses and social enterprises to get their products out there, but what we love even more, is knowing that our Storyboxes are filled with products that every receiver can actually use and enjoy. When you’re investing in corporate gifts for your business, it is so important that your time and money is never wasted, and that your gifts will be treasured and appreciated. We do this, by ensuring that every brand and product included is of the highest quality. 

4 Gifts that celebrate your greatness

When you send a gift from your business or company, the gift represents you. It’s communicating what your brand stands for and highlighting the quality and ethos of your work. We get it. And that’s why we pay such close attention to creating gifts that reflect your magnificence. Storyboxes are high quality gifts that strike the perfect balance between luxury and practicality. They show the recipient that you’re a business who cares about people, the planet and the future.


5 Gifts that are tailored to you

At Storybox, we value all businesses, big and small. Because of this, we will always try our hardest to tailor your order to suit your needs. Our team are excited about working closely with business owners to craft the perfect box to align with your values. As well as this, we will always try our best to work with your budget to create something magic for you and your team.

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