Where it started

Meet our founder, Rachel McIlgorm.

Rachel started Storybox in 2021, with the hope that she could do her part to celebrate, champion and rebuild local businesses and social enterprises after a turbulent time during the pandemic. Rachel has always felt fervently passionate about supporting businesses with a social, humanitarian and environmental backbone and she was eager to create a product that would showcase local makers, doers and thinkers. Rachel hoped for a project that would encourage collaboration and celebrate the brilliant minds behind local brands trying their best to make a difference. And so, the Community Interest Company, Storybox was born.

How it's going

At present, Storybox has the pleasure of engaging with over 30 businesses, allowing us to showcase 50+ beautiful products. We are honoured to provide a space for these businesses and enterprises to make an impact, fulfil their mission and contribute to an incredible chain of positivity. In the last two years over £65K has been spent by
Storybox to buy stock and supplies from local businesses and social enterprises in Northern Ireland, and we feel incredibly proud to have supported their social causes and bright futures. We’ve also been able to not only send Storyboxes throughout Ireland and the UK, but also have fulfilled orders across the globe, to the USA. When first creating Storybox, we could have only hoped to have had this kind of lasting impact and incredible reach for our collaborators, and we cannot express how proud this makes us.

Where it's headed

A Storybox brings awareness to local brands, local communities and local causes. It builds lasting relationships between neighbouring makers and promotes an atmosphere of trust and equality. A Storybox ignites joy, understanding and passion in every person that engages with it, because it was crafted by people who care, by businesses who want a fairer world and by enterprises that work hard for their causes.

And because of this, our hope for the future is that we bring more communities together, we impact more people and we continue to weave the Storybox tapestry into something much bigger than we
could ever imagine.

 If Storybox sounds like the kind of initiative you or your business want to be a part of, get in touch with us today. Together, let’s continue to craft Gifts and Products With Purpose, and change the world one Storybox at a time.

To hear more, contact Rachel at storyboxni@gmail.com.

*Our official charity partners are PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland and Friends of the Earth NI.