Three Years of Storybox!

As we mark Storybox NI’s third birthday, we are taking a moment to recognise and appreciate this milestone. Each year, and even each month, is not a guarantee in these challenging times, both locally and globally. Despite the uncertainties, we are extremely grateful (and proud) to still be here, telling stories about local businesses and social causes. Your support has been instrumental in this journey, and we continue to push forward with hope and determination.

Supporting social enterprises and local businesses

Since our inception, Storybox NI has grown to stock and work with over 30 remarkable businesses. We now offer over 70 product variations, both online and through our corporate gifting service. These products are not just gifts but are part of a larger mission to promote ethical and sustainable choices.

Giving back to partner charities

We are proud to work with two incredible partner charities: PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland (£1450 donation so far) and Friends of the Earth NI (£400 donation so far). Through these partnerships, we are raising vital funds to support mental health initiatives and environmental advocacy. Prior to these donations, we also previously contributed £500 towards mental health counselling services for Windsor Women's Aid. Your support in purchasing our products directly aids these causes, making a tangible difference in our community.

Commitment to quality and impact

At Storybox NI, we strive to showcase the best of Northern Ireland’s goods. Our focus is not only on quality but also on how these products impact people and the planet. Every item in our collection is chosen with care, ensuring that it aligns with our values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Building a community

Our small studio, located in Portview Trade Centre, has become a hub for creativity and collaboration. We co-organised a pop-up event, bringing together a group of female-owned businesses to work together and showcase our goods in a shop for Christmas and over International Women’s Day. This event fostered a sense of community and mutual support among solo business owners. We have plans for more events to bring business owners together and create more social impact.

Looking Ahead

It is an honour to raise awareness of the amazing local social enterprises and small businesses we work with. We are committed to continuing this journey for many years to come, giving back to our partner charities and providing beautiful, thoughtful gifts for both individuals and corporate clients.

Thank you again for all your support. #BitByBit #LittleByLittle

Founder of Storybox NI

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