Sustainable Gift Solutions: This World Earth Day and Beyond

As we celebrate World Earth Day 2024, we're excited to introduce you to 8 plastic alternative goods carefully curated by Storybox. These sustainable yet stunning gifts not only support local businesses but also contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

  1. Bamboo Hairbrush by Do Your Bit NI: Did you know that plastic hairbrushes can harbor bacteria and take over 20 years to decompose? Our bamboo hairbrushes not only promote scalp and hair health but also reduce environmental impact.

  2. Stainless Steel Straw Set by Do Your Bit NI: Say goodbye to plastic and paper straws that harm our oceans. Our stainless steel straw set is durable, travel-friendly, and ensures you never have to resort to single-use plastics again.

  3. Travel Cup by Bosh Bottles: With over 2 billion coffee cups discarded annually in the UK alone, our reusable travel cups are a must-have for eco-conscious coffee lovers. Keep your beverages hot or cold while eliminating single-use cups.

  4. Loose Leaf Belfast Brew by Suki Tea Makers: Sourced responsibly and brewed with care, Suki Tea Makers offer a delightful blend that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also supports ethical practices and renewable energy.

  5. Zero Waste Soap by Do Your Bit NI: Make the switch from plastic bottles to plastic-free bars with our zero waste soaps. Handmade and heavenly scented, they're a sustainable solution for a clutter-free bathroom.

  6. Shampoo Bar by Do Your Bit NI: Our concentrated shampoo bars are a game-changer for reducing plastic waste. Packaged in aluminum tins and enriched with nourishing ingredients, they're perfect for eco-conscious travelers.

  7. Drinking Chocolate Melts by Refuge Chocolate: Indulge guilt-free with luxurious chocolate melts from Refuge Chocolate. Not only do they make the best hot chocolate, but they also support a noble cause by fighting against human trafficking.

  8. Honeycomb Chocolate Slates by NearyNógs: Crafted from ethically sourced ingredients and packaged sustainably, NearyNógs' chocolate slates are a treat for your palate and the planet.

Explore our eco collection on our website for more sustainable gifting options. These thoughtful gifts aren't just perfect for individuals but also make ideal corporate gifts, promoting sustainability in every aspect of business.

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