Supporting Mental Health: Why Storybox Chooses PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland

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In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are excited to announce our inspiring new charity partnership with PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland. Our carefully selected collaboration with PIPS perfectly aligns with the launch of our new product, which aims to raise awareness about mental health and generate vital funds for this incredible organisation. At Storybox, we strive to promote mental wellbeing and support PIPS in their invaluable work to prevent suicide and provide assistance to those in need.

Making a Meaningful Impact, Step by Step:

As we embark on this journey, we embrace the uplifting affirmation of "little by little, day by day." Our goal is to make a meaningful impact by raising funds for PIPS. We firmly believe that even the smallest contributions hold great significance, as every little effort adds up to create a greater whole. Each step forward, regardless of its size, brings us closer to our ultimate objective of making a difference in the lives of others through gifts and products with purpose.

Supporting PIPS and Promoting Mental Well-being:

PIPS is renowned for their invaluable work in suicide prevemtion and providing crucial support to individuals in need. Through our partnership, we aim to go a little way amplifying their efforts and contribute to their noble cause.

Why PIPS Stands Out:

  • PIPS relies on diverse funding sources, including corporates and public contributions, ensuring their independence from government support.
  • They maintain a Crisis Centre, ensuring no one is turned away when in need of urgent assistance.
  • PIPS extends their support and services to all of Northern Ireland, reaching a wide population.
  • Unlike limited counselling sessions, they adopt a longer-term approach to provide sustained support for mental health issues.


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Exciting Initiatives and Surprises Await:

We are thrilled to share that our charity partnership extends beyond our small business. We have collaborated with a fantastic line-up of incredible businesses who are equally passionate about mental health. This exciting new initiative promises a range of exciting activities and surprises. Stay tuned as we unveil them all very soon. We can't wait to share what we have in store!

Stay Up to Date

Mental health awareness matters all year round, and our new charity partnership with PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland aims to contribute to this important cause. As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us in making a difference in promoting mental well-being. Together, let's recognise that every day is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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Stay connected with PIPS and their impactful work by following them on social media via the following sites:

  • Facebook - PIPS Suicide Prevention Charity
  • Instagram - pips_charity
  • Twitter - @Pipscharity
  • LinkedIn - PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland Charity
  • Tiktok - @pips_charity
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