Storybox welcomes another local art business to the range

'Art is the most intense mode of individualism that world has known.'
- Oscar Wilde

We love finding ways to add art to the Storyboxes. Whether it's through the stories, packaging, imagery or products, it's wonderful to incorporate ways to celebrate creativity and individuality whilst simultaneously, supporting other businesses.

Creativity is something our small business very much lead the way on and is often achieved without the backing of large teams and access to an abundance of resources. This is something we can sometimes forget and a reason to shout even louder when a local business does something amazing!

With this, we are excited to introduce to the Storybox family Amira Paints
 - a local art business which brings much of her inspiration from the beautiful County Down.

Amira started her venture with the aim of making good quality artwork accessible to people, of places, and scenes that were recognisable or resonated with them.

Amira wanted to help break down barriers that were traditionally found in museums and galleries, where people were too intimidated to talk about art or express an interest in it.

By injecting her colourful take on familiar places and landscapes she hopes that people won't be shy in expressing an affection for art and that her works will spark conversations as well as joy.

You'll now be able to find Amira Paints postcards as a greetings card option to add to your Storybox. A postcard can be personalised with any message and then kept and framed as a beautiful piece of art in someone's home or office.

More to come soon about our latest supplier, Amira Paints. In the meantime, click here to create a Storybox.
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