When Storybox NI was first formed, it was our hope that every box would start a positive ripple that would impact as many lives as possible. After our first year in business, we are so proud to say that the impact has surpassed our expectations. Every day, we feel honoured to discover new ways that Storybox has benefited our communities, and we felt it was time to share that with you, and remind you just how special your contribution is. Every investment in a Storybox contributes to the local and social revolution that is sweeping the business industry, and we cannot thank you enough. So what exactly does Storybox do? Who does it impact? And why is a Storybox the perfect corporate gift? Grab a cup of something hot, put your feet up and soak up the positivity as we explain the impact that Storybox has on our world.


Here in Northern Ireland, we are lucky to have an abundance of absolutely incredible local businesses that have more passion, talent and products of global quality than we could ever wish for. We only wanted to fill our boxes with products that were made with quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction in mind, and we have been so lucky to partner with 18 businesses. There are a total of 20 suppliers that are now a part of the Storybox initiative, which comprises 11 social enterprises and 9 local businesses. To know that Storybox is supporting the business owners, staff, families and every person involved in the production of their products, is nothing short of mind blowing. When you invest in a Storybox you are actively championing a wide array of people from your local community, and the impact is huge.


Since opening, Storybox has invested over £32,000 pounds buying stock and supplies from other social enterprises and independent businesses. This is a sensational amount of money that has furthered their social causes, business missions and the local economy. We love knowing that the money we invest is reaching further than our initial transaction. Every penny that runs through our company expands the economy in a magnificent way, and we’re proud to make this contribution.


We absolutely love supporting our local community, and we couldn’t be more proud of our local businesses. But one of the ways we want to celebrate them is by helping them reach wider audiences, including international customers. This year, we have sent over 1000 boxes across the UK and Ireland and we’re proud to have sent a fantastic 350 boxes overseas to a client in the USA. The local businesses engaging with the Storybox initiative have now been promoted to an entirely new demographic and client base, and we’re delighted to have made that happen for them.


As a Community Interest Company (CIC), it is our job to use the surpluses that our business makes to give back. This year, we have had the honour of using the extra profits from Storybox to donate £500 to a local women’s centre. This £500 will be used to pay for mental health support for local women in need. Having the opportunity to contribute to causes that mean so much to us, is a dream come true, and our goal is to continue making donations of this nature for many years to come. Everything we do here at Storybox, leads us to moments like these. 


When a business or social enterprise engages with Storybox NI, we will always strive to raise their profile as much as possible. Raising awareness and attracting the right kind of attention is so important for every brand, and we will always work hard to improve their reach. This year, Storybox NI have written 10 blog posts which have then been shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. We have had over 6,000 unique visitors that have taken the time to learn more about the brilliant brands we work alongside, and we’re so pleased to have given them a platform to showcase their magic. The Storybox platform is always growing, and we hope to continue raising awareness for each brand and their cause.

The last year has been nothing short of wonderful for everyone here at Storybox NI. Knowing that every box has such an almighty reach is what keeps us going, and encourages so many people to contribute to the Storybox movement. When someone orders a single Storybox for a friend or when a large company or business orders a collection of Storyboxes for a special occasion or event, the impact is ginormous. Storyboxes carry with them a community of passionate, value-driven and hard working people that appreciate your support more than we could ever express. And for that, we’d like to thank you.

If you’re a business or social enterprise that is interested in contributing to the Storybox initiative, please do get in touch. Together, let’s make a difference for the local and social.

To order your own Storybox or order a selection for your business or company, visit the link below.

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