Storybox donates £500 to Windsor Women's Centre

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that we would be making a donation of £500 to a local charity to support their mental health services. We are delighted to reveal the organisation who has received the donation - Belfast's very own, Windsor Women's Centre.


Windsor Women’s Centre is situated in the Village area of South Belfast and has been operating since 1990. The centre works within a community development framework to develop and promote equality of opportunity and champion practices and policies to better the lives of women and their families.
Situated in an area of high social and economic deprivation Windsor Women’s Centre provides much needed services to meet the diverse needs of women and their families from the surrounding communities. The centre typically works with around 300 service users a week. The services provided includes access to a range of both accredited and non-accredited training and education courses, quality day care, after schools provision and advice and information.
One of the aspects we really love about the centre, is that it has a strong focus on the provision of mental services and currently runs a dedicated health & wellbeing suite that offers a range of therapies and counselling services that are available to all who need it. They also organise Community Garden, Therapeutic Art and Information & Health sessions as part of theses services, meaning there is a variety of sessions available for a wide range of needs.

The centre recognises that the health of women is critical to families and communities and so, are committed to providing these services and are working tirelessly to improve the overall health and wellbeing of women from the local community.

We were recently invited to the centre to meet the team and see for ourselves the facilities and resources offered to the community. We even got to spend some time with CEO, Eleanor Jordan and Programme Manager, Martina Magee and other lovely team members who provided some insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis (You'll see some of the pictures we captured during our visit left and right!). The majority of the beautiful artwork that decorates the building has been created by the women and families who have been supported by the centre - a testament to the growth of the people that pass through the facility (and on some occasions, return as a volunteer).
However, like many centres, they are constantly facing new demands and challenges, not to mention the current repercussions of COVID1-19 and the increased pressure of keeping up with rising costs. It is important that we continue to support and raise awareness of Windsor Women's Centre and other organisations alike to ensure they continue to offer their resources and facilities to those in need. With this, we are proud to be able to make a small contribution to the centre that will go a little way in supporting the provision of their mental health services to women and families in the community.
Thank you to all the team at Windsor Women's Centre for offering a safe place to those who need it and for endlessly supporting some of the most vulnerable individuals within our society.
To learn more about Windsor Women's Centre visit


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