Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to give a massive shout-out to our partner charity, PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland. Recently, we had a visit from Helen, one of their Fundraising Managers, to discuss our ongoing partnership and future support plans.

At Storybox, we donate a portion of the proceeds from our candle sales to PIPS and have donated a total of £1,300 to date. We aim to find more ways to give back through our gifts with purpose. Throughout the year, we also make additional donations. For example, we hosted a 'giveaway with purpose' and donated £100 to PIPS to support their mission and raise awareness. There might just be another one of these coming soon to celebrate Storybox’s 3rd birthday – watch this space.

Why We Support PIPS

PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland is dedicated to delivering Suicide Prevention and Bereavement Support Services across Belfast and Northern Ireland. Their services include Counselling, Crisis Support, Complementary Therapies, Befriending, one-to-one sessions, mentoring, support groups, and signposting to other support organisations.

What sets PIPS apart is their commitment to offering tailored services to cater to individual needs. They provide a unique "open door" service with no appointment needed, ensuring immediate support is always available. PIPS is a beacon of hope for those facing vulnerability, suicidal thoughts, or simply seeking assistance.

When someone turns to PIPS for help, they receive immediate support, and a stay-safe/support plan is put in place. PIPS eliminates the need to wait for days or weeks to see a counsellor or therapist and acts as a gateway to other services, offering comprehensive support to ensure no one feels alone.

PIPS also extends its impact through bespoke training programs and workshops, raising awareness and equipping individuals with intervention tools and knowledge on topics like suicide prevention, self-harm, eating disorders, self-care, and befriending. These programs have reached diverse audiences across Northern Ireland, from students to community activists and businesses.

Helen, their Fundraising Manager, plays a vital role in building relationships with businesses and individuals to ensure they can raise the essential funds needed to support their amazing counsellors' work daily.

Get Involved

This week, we urge others to support charities like PIPS. With the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week being ‘Movement: Moving More for Our Mental Health’, why not enter a local relay or marathon to raise funds, benefiting both your mental health and supporting a mental health charity?

To find out more about how you can support PIPS through our gifts with purpose, check out the Moments candle, where £2 from every candle sold is donated to PIPS.

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