Introducing Bolster Community

Introducing Bolster Community, the organisation behind the handcrafted scented candles which are a part of the Christmasbox at Storybox. We would like to share some of the amazing work being done by all the team at Bolster Community.


Bolster Community ( is a practical, hands-on charity and social enterprise that works alongside individuals, families, and communities to improve health and wellbeing.

Through their charity services, they’ve helped countless children, parents, young people with mixed ability and seniors to reach their full potential. They support ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges from early years right through to later years. With an uncompromising, people-first approach, they go the extra mile to complement existing services.

In their social enterprise, the products are lovingly handcrafted by young adults of mixed ability and all profits go back into supporting their vital work. Shop and support them to do more good:

What they do?
They offer practical, hands on services that include support, training and leadership on community development, resilience, and well-being. Their services are centered around supporting three categories – Family, Ability and Seniors.

  1. Family services provide practical and therapeutic support and a range of training programmes for parents and children who are facing physical and mental health problems, family breakdown, parenting difficulties, financial problems and social and rural isolation.
  2. Ability services are dedicated to connecting children and young adults of mixed ability. They are especially proud of their online gift shop which is a safe place for volunteers to come together and feel both valued and connected. All profits go back into supporting their vital work!
  3. Senior services include a social group called Comfort Zone which seeks to bring senior members of the community together to make new friends and enjoy some company. They also provide a Home2Hopsital driver service for those over 60 and living in rural locations.

During the pandemic?
Bolster has been extremely active throughout the duration of the pandemic by continuing to support those in need albeit in different means than usual. Some recent initiatives include the #eatheatthrive campaign which has been driven through the startling statistics that one child out of every four in Northern Ireland is living in poverty. Often, they visit homes without adequate heat, without nutritious food and parents speak with fear about affording appropriate clothing and childcare.

The campaign hopes to alleviate those struggling within the community by collaborating with other local organisations in the Newry and Mourne district to pull resources and provide food, fuel vouchers and toys so that no one goes hungry and no child goes without this Christmas.

What you can do?
This organisation and what they do, truly warms my heart - it is touching to see the collaboration that can be brought about within the community to help those in need, it just takes a catalyst like Bolster Community to bring us together. In this piece, I have only just touched on some of the services this group has provided, so please continue to follow their story through their social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – it costs nothing to like, share, comment on a post but could make a huge impact for someone else in need.

Find out more about Bolster Community here.

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