Introducing a little box to help you ‘Glow’!

If there is one thing we have learned from the past year and a half, it is that life is uncertain and many things happen that we cannot control. With that can bring a sense of worry, anxiety and potentially an impact on our overall wellbeing. Although we can’t control everything that happens in life, we can try to control how we approach certain situations and life events. Being aware and looking after our wellbeing can help build resilience, make us stronger and therefore, better equipped for all that life has to throw at us.

With this is mind, we have put together a wellbeing kit which some may find useful as a starting point for becoming more aware of wellbeing and practising a positive mindset. We have called it the 'Glow box' - contents that aim to make you glow inside and out! It isn’t your typical 'pamper box' filled with all things soap and face masks (although self-care in that way is important too!) but rather aims to provide some meaningful advice, experiences and tips on looking after yourself and those around you, accompanied by some comforting goodies – a combination that someone will hopefully find both comfort and inspiration in!

As always, we are thrilled to be able to bring together a mixture of social enterprises and local businesses that are each making a positive impact on society in the way that they do business. The Glow box includes:

‘10 Step Guide to Discover the Real You’ by GLOW NI

This is a practical book sharing both personal stories, challenges and accomplishments. It includes advice on how to embrace your qualities, strengths and abilities and essentially, how to be your true self! This book was created by social enterprise GLOW NI who, founded in 2011, has a wealth of experience working with women and young girls to address mental health and overall wellbeing. They do this by empowering and equipping them with confidence to discover their purpose & identity while developing a positive lifestyle.

"GLOW gave me back my life. My children have an energised mum full of confidence who is not afraid to cry, not afraid to say today's a tough one but tomorrow is a new day!" (GLOW course participant)

‘The Gratitude Journal’ by Positive Attractions

The Gratitude Journal offers a dedicated space to write down your thoughts, give thanks and set goals. It provides hints and tips on how to live your best life as well as ideas for practising mindfulness and manifesting. The journal was created by Positive Attractions Limited which was founded by Julie Fitzpatrick-Curry during the original 2020 lockdown:

"After journaling for many years, I could never find one that ticked all my boxes - so I created my own. The idea is to be ergonomically friendly, not date or space specific- because some days we have more to say than others!"

Julie's aim is to spread positivity and let people know that the power of the mind and small daily changes in mindset and routine can change your whole outlook on life. She offers workshops, one to one mentoring and public speaking all focusing on mindset, goal setting and journaling.  While trained by Global Sciences Foundation as a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner in Basic, Advanced and Master level - all Julie's teaching and advice is based on her personal experience, journey and successes.

Damson Rose & Plum Soy Wax Scented Candle by Bolster Community

Lovingly handcrafted soy wax candle in a Damson Rose & Plum scent to accompany you and bring a sense of calm to your daily journal reading and writing. Bolster Community is a not for profit practical, hands-on charity that works alongside individuals, families, and communities to help them get through and get ahead. They also have services that are dedicated to connecting children and young adults of mixed ability to reach for the stars - the people who have hand crafted the Bolster candle! 

Do-good Luxurious Chocolate Melts by Refuge Chocolate

A frequent in many of our Storyboxes as we all need a little bit of luxurious and tasty chocolate in our lives! Even better that it is do-good-food in that Refuge Chocolate support and employ survivors of human trafficking as well as donate proceeds to Flourish NI, a Northern Ireland based anti-human trafficking charity. They make all their products in their chocolate factory based in Belfast and use the best ethically sourced ingredients.

Vegan and Natural Lip Butter by Plumpy Balms

Finally, a little bit of lip balm for that external glow! Plumpy Balms is the creation of Valerie Brown who after much experimenting and trials, began her business 2017 with a range of natural and vegan lip butters. The Plumpy butter balms are made from natural mango, cocoa and shea butters which gives them a rich creamy feeling to protect, moisturise and repair dry lips. The lip butters also include rosehip oil which is known for its healing properties, and they have since branched out into producing vegan hand creams!

Why this, why now?

Mental wellbeing and embracing a positive mindset have always been a personal interest so I am delighted to bring together a box that encourages some wellbeing practices whilst being made up entirely of goods from social enterprises and local businesses based in Northern Ireland. One thing I have learned from my personal experience is that adopting a positive approach or strong mental wellbeing certainly doesn't happen overnight but like any physical exercise or sport, requires work and commitment to see improvement and results. Hopefully this little box of hope and empowerment provides a starting point for someone to become more aware of practising mental wellbeing or even just provides some inspiration or feel good factor from the stories behind the goods in the boxes.

Glow box going live and available to purchase from the website tomorrow, Wednesday 30th June!

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