Empowering Local Creativity: The Power of Businesses Supporting Businesses

In an era where 'big businesses' seem to dominate the market, there is an essential movement happening that celebrates and supports the backbone of communities - local businesses. The impact of supporting small enterprises goes beyond mere transactions; it fosters economic growth, creativity, diversity in our high streets and a strong sense of community. The Designerie has shown us the complete essence of businesses supporting businesses with the following opportunity.

Who is The Designerie?

The Designerie is more than just a shop; it is a thriving social enterprise that embraces local artists, creators, and artisans. Situated at 88 Main Street, Bushmills, The Designerie provides a unique shopping experience where handmade products from talented individuals take center stage. The establishment operates with a noble purpose - to support local businesses and creatives, empowering them to thrive and contribute to the local economy.

The Designerie Makers House has welcomed us to Bushmills by offering a temporary pod from Wednesday 2nd August to Saturday 5th August in the their shop in the Main Street. There we will have the opportunity to meet with like minded entrepreneurs and small businesses and essentially, come away from the week with new knowledge and contacts for the future.

An exciting opportunity

This initiative by The Designerie has offered us an ideal platform to showcase our thoughtfully curated products to a wider audience. Simultaneously, The Designerie's social enterprise mission will receive enhanced recognition from our own following, drawing even more support from local communities.

The Designerie is a shining example of the positive impact businesses can create by supporting one another. In an age of impersonal transactions, they showcase the genuine care and camaraderie that small businesses can foster within their communities.


By embracing this philosophy and rallying around the #SupportLocal movement, we can all contribute to building vibrant local economies and nurturing the incredible creativity and talent that surrounds us. #LittleByLittle

So, let's raise a toast to businesses supporting businesses and the flourishing communities we can create together!

  • What: Storybox Pop Up Pod @ The Designerie
  • Where: 88 Main Street Bushmills
  • When: 2-5th August 10am-5pm

For any further enquiries, please send an email to Rachel at info@storyboxni.com.

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