Case Study: Storybox NI's Sustainable Gifting Solution for the 31st EASM Conference - Belfast 2023

The 31st EASM Conference - Belfast 2023, hosted by Ulster University, had a central theme: "Forward Thinking in Sport Management: Strengthening Inclusivity, Accessibility, and Sustainability in Sport." As sustainability was a core focus of the event, the University sought gifts that aligned with this theme and promoted eco-friendly practices. Storybox NI, an ethical and sustainable gifting company based in Northern Ireland, stepped in to provide a tailored solution.

The objective for Ulster University was to source meaningful and sustainable gifts for international and VIP local speakers as well as attending the conference. They wanted gifts that not only expressed gratitude but also reflected the conference's sustainability objectives. The aim was to move away from traditional plastic-filled merchandise and embrace a more environmentally responsible approach.

Storybox NI proposed the "Do Your Bit Kits" as the perfect solution. These kits featured a carefully curated selection of plastic-free products, each with its own ethical and sustainability credentials. The kit included:

  • Belfast Brew by Sukie Tea: An ethically sourced tea, supporting local businesses.
  • Metallic Reusable Straw Set: A stylish and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws.
  • Natural Artisan Soap: A handmade soap with natural ingredients, benefiting both skin and the environment.
  • Shampoo Bar from Do Your Bit: A sustainable alternative to bottled shampoo, reducing plastic waste.

Each kit also contained informational snippets about how these products contributed to a more sustainable and ethical way of living.

Overall, the gifts from Storybox NI were met with enthusiastic approval from Ulster University and the international speakers. The Do Your Bit Kits perfectly encapsulated the values of sustainability and ethical sourcing that the conference aimed to promote.

Key Takeaways

  • Meaningful and Sustainable Gifting: Storybox NI provided a thoughtful and sustainable gifting solution that aligned with the conference's theme.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: By including locally sourced products, the kits supported small businesses and social enterprises.
  • Eco-Friendly Alternatives: The inclusion of eco-friendly products like reusable straws and shampoo bars demonstrated a commitment to reducing plastic waste.
  • Positive Reception: The unique and environmentally conscious gifts were highly appreciated by conference attendees, setting a positive tone for the event.

Future Collaboration

The team at Ulster University were extremely impressed with Storybox NI's services, unique offerings, and dedication to sustainability. They look forward to future collaborations to further promote ethical and sustainable practices in the realm of sport management.

Storybox NI's 'Do Your Bit Kits' successfully showcased how conscious gifting can make a significant impact, not only as a token of appreciation but also as a statement of values in line with a sustainable future.

Dr Rachael Telford, Associate Head of School, School of Sport, Ulster University had this to say:

"As the organiser of the 31st EASM Conference at Ulster University, I want to express how helpful Storybox NI was in providing gifts that aligned with our eco-friendly focus. Storybox NI's "Do Your Bit Kits" offered meaningful items, such as ethically sourced tea and reusable straws, that our international speakers truly appreciated. These gifts embodied our commitment to a greener approach and were a hit with our attendees. We were thoroughly impressed with Storybox NI's dedication to eco-conscious practices and look forward to future collaborations to promote these values in sport management."

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