Candle with Cause: Our £850 Donation to PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland

Over the last few months, we've been dedicated to making a meaningful impact on mental health and suicide prevention. Today, we are thrilled to share our first official donation of £850 to PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland. This incredible contribution was made possible through the sales of our Lough Neagh Dawn candle and a raffle auction of the candle tin artwork.

A Vital Cause: PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland

PIPS Charity is a local charity dedicated to delivering Suicide Prevention and Bereavement Support Services across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland. Their services encompass a wide range of support, including Counselling, Crisis Support, Complementary Therapies, Befriending, one-to-one sessions, mentoring, support groups, and signposting to other support organisations.

What sets PIPS Charity apart is their commitment to offering tailored services to cater to individual needs. They provide a unique "open door" service with no appointment needed, ensuring that there's always someone to reach out to when in need. PIPS is a beacon of hope for those facing vulnerability, suicidal thoughts, or simply seeking assistance.

When someone turns to PIPS for help, they receive immediate support, and a stay-safe/support plan is put in place. PIPS operates with an open door policy, eliminating the need to wait for days or weeks to see a counsellor or therapist. Moreover, PIPS acts as a gateway to other services, offering comprehensive support to ensure that no one feels alone.

PIPS also extends its impact through bespoke training programs and workshops, raising awareness and equipping individuals with intervention tools and knowledge on topics like suicide prevention, self-harm, eating disorders, self-care, and befriending. These programs have reached diverse audiences across Northern Ireland, from students to community activists and businesses.

Our Commitment to PIPS and Lough Neagh

Our dedication to support PIPS and make a difference doesn't end here. We're excited to announce the upcoming launch of our winter edition, Lough Neagh Dusk, at the end of this month. In response to the environmental crisis facing Lough Neagh, we've decided to take action. For every Lough Neagh candle sold from now until December, we'll donate £1 to PIPS and an additional £1 to an environmental charity dedicated to preserving this precious ecosystem. PIPS supports our cause, as they share our deep concern for Lough Neagh's welfare.

We want to express our immense gratitude to everyone who has purchased and supported this vital cause. Your support means the world to us, and we hope you'll continue to embrace gifting with purpose. 

About Lough Neagh Dawn

This candle is a collaboration between Storybox NI, Acorn (a social enterprise operated by Bolster Community), and local artist, Amira McDonagh, as we come together to raise awareness of mental health and support suicide prevention. Our joint effort has resulted in the creation of a ‘candle with cause’ called Lough Neagh Dawn, a symbol of hope and positivity. For every candle purchased, £2 will be donated to local mental health charity, PIPS Suicide Prevention. This bespoke candle embodies the spirit of Northern Ireland, while promoting positive mental well-being.

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