A message of thanks..

On the penultimate day of 2020 and as I reflect on the past 8 weeks in particular, I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported the Storybox project. From purchasing a gift box, telling a friend about it or simply by liking or sharing a post - I genuinely appreciate it, as every little helps! The idea was quickly put into action during the run up to Christmas and for this I owe thanks to the amazing Work West and their Go Social programme in Belfast; I'm very grateful for the mentorship and knowledge gained.

At the heart of the project are, of course, the local suppliers - big love and thanks to all the SEs and businesses for agreeing to be a part of this. I have really enjoyed sharing their stories over the past couple of months and hope a few more people have learned about the wonderful businesses and services available to us within N. Ireland. Indeed, some of these have included helping people in need within the community, supporting local food banks, donating profits to local charities as well as creating jobs and diversity within the community- not to mention some amazing environmental initiatives too, such as running a chocolate factory entirely off solar power! 

Thank you once again and I wish everyone hope, good health and happiness in 2021. A gentle reminder to please continue supporting your social enterprises and local business in whatever way possible as we head further into the New Year. 
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Ciaran Carson Quote
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