A Collaboration with VANRATH to Supply Gifts With Purpose

Last year, we had the pleasure of collaborating with recruitment agency, VANRATH, a respected corporate client based in Belfast, to create a heartwarming gesture of appreciation during the festive season. This case study delves into the details of our collaboration, showcasing how our commitment to ethical products and local businesses left a lasting impact on both us and our valued client, VANRATH.

About Storybox

Storybox NI CIC is an ethical and sustainable gifting company based in Northern Ireland. Our mission is to support and raise awareness of local social enterprises, small businesses, artists, and creatives while promoting conscious and sustainable shopping choices.

The Challenge: Crafting a Meaningful Corporate Gift

The team at VANRATH approached us with a challenge: to find a meaningful way to show appreciation to their clients during the festive period. They wanted a gift that would express gratitude while creating positive social impact and sustainability.

Our Solution: A Curated Gift Box with Purpose

We stepped up with a unique solution. We curated 100 gift boxes, each thoughtfully designed to convey appreciation while supporting local social enterprises, small businesses, artists, and creatives. The gift included:

  1. Festive Packaging by Danni Simpson Art:

We collaborated with Danni Simpson Art to design beautiful and festive packaging for the gift boxes, adding a touch of artistic flair to the presentation.

  1. Showcase of Local and Social Enterprises:

The heart of the gift boxes lay in the carefully selected products. We included items from various local and social enterprises, emphasising our commitment to ethical and sustainable shopping. These products included:

  • Reusable Coffee Cup from BOSH: Promoting sustainable living.
  • Beanie from You Glow Girl: Profits go back in to supporting girls’ and womens’ mental health.
  • Planner from Julie Harron Art: Showcasing local creative talent.
  • Honeycomb Slates from NearyNógs: Encouraging ethical food production.
  • Drinking Chocolate Melts from Refuge: Supporting survivors of human trafficking through ethically made do-good-food.
  • Branded White Chocolate Lolly from IncredABLE: Empowering young people with mixed abilities.

This curated selection allowed VANRATH to send a powerful message of support to their clients while making a positive impact on various social causes.

Results and Impact: Spreading Joy and Making a Difference

The specially curated gift boxes made their way to client partners of VANRATH, reaching destinations both in Belfast and across the UK. The impact of this gesture was profound:

  • The clients received gifts that not only brought joy but also supported a range of social causes, from sustainable living to empowering vulnerable individuals.
  • The team at VANRATH found our gifting service extremely helpful. It freed up their time, allowing them to send thoughtful and personal gifts without the hassle of sourcing and packaging.

A Testament to Ethical and Social Gifting

Our collaboration with VANRATH exemplifies the power of sustainable gifting and supporting local business. Through a carefully curated gift box, we enabled them to express their appreciation while making a tangible difference in their community and beyond. This case study demonstrates the impact of conscious shopping choices and the beauty of supporting local businesses with a purpose.

"Working with Storybox NI to create these gift boxes for our clients was an absolute delight. Not only did the beautiful packaging by Danni Simpson Art add a festive touch, but the curated selection of products, each with its own meaningful story, made our clients feel truly appreciated. It was heartening to see how these gifts, beyond their aesthetics, supported various local businesses and social causes close to our hearts. The convenience and thoughtfulness of Storybox NI's service allowed us to focus on what matters most – our client relationships. We couldn't be happier with the positive impact these gifts had, and we look forward to future collaborations with Storybox NI to continue making a difference.”

Julie Moore, Operations Director, VANRATH

For more information about Storybox NI and our ethical gifting solutions, get in touch with Rachel at info@storyboxni.com

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